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Went trick or treating tonight, Trinity like to greet people at the door when they came to get some candy.  That’s Cinderella on the left, Sleeping Beauty on the right and one sneaky puppy in the middle.  I’m pretty sure she’s licking some chocolate off her nose while I snap this shot.


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I guess we can thank our next door neighbor Andrea, but we’ve officially been tagged.  Andrea’s blog is here and she blogs about her two little girls (sound familiar), who happen to share a back yard and a pair of swingsets with our ladies.  Anyway, the rules are above, and keeping with the theme of our site you will get 7 random facts about our girl Trinity.  Here goes:

1. Trinity is a former fighting dog, we have the pictures to prove it.  If you don’t think these dogs have it in them to become a member of the family, well then come on over and meet our girl.

2. Trinity made the girl:guy ratio in our house 4:1.  Ouch.

3. Trinity and I make home visits for potential adoptive families of pit bulls.  She is always asked to stay.

4. The first person in our house to get hugs from the ladies every morning is Trinity.

5. Trinity like carrots.

6. Trinity is a Red Sox fan.

7. Trinity and the ladies are going to be big sisters in April!

We tag:
The Kid

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Our friends at Paws New England emailed us about listing some of their pit bulls that they have up for adoption.  All of these dogs are local to New England and are available, currently living in foster homes until they find their forever homes.  Check them out, if you are interested shoot us an email and let us know or visit the Paws link to the right of this page!

Dee Dee #2


King & Mazie


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Leaves are falling, just ask our girl about them.  Starting to get cold….time to gear up for her first full New England winter!  She definitely gets cold, which explains why she spends so much time snuggled up on her bed right next to the heating vent.  Welcome to New England Trin!

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You would think she would be a little more excited about her first New England fall.  She must have been all tired out from running away from the leaf blower!  Ha.

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Three ladies, three smiles!

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We’ve taken so many pictures of Trinity since she came along in March, but this one is still my favorite.  And it’s not even one that I took, go figure.  Nana Q took this picture on Trinity’s first trip to visit Scranton right around Easter time, she hadn’t even been with us a month.  Bella truly loves to walk her dog, and while the strength of Trinity can sometimes be an issue, 99% of the time she walks right along Bella and is the perfect walking mate.  It is truly something to see and makes you feel pretty damn good about bringing her along.  I mean if this dog, a former fighter, can learn to live and love the way she has, you gotta feel that almost anything is possible.  This trip to PA signified alot about Trinity, and this one trip helped change some minds.  This walk with Bella happened after a long, long walk on Papa Q’s golf course, right down the street.  She walked off leash and explored the whole course, which had to ourselves because it was still pretty cold outside.  From day one Trinity grasped what had now become of her life and I think that walk on the course helped us realize that.  She stayed close, and didn’t let us out of her sight.   You have to see the looks of some of the people we pass on the street when they see Bella walking her dog.  Keep in mind that Trinity has her outweighed 2-to-1 and is solid as a rock.  But she loves her girls and she sure knows how to show it.  Anyway, that’s what this picture makes me think of, and why it’s still my favorite.  Pretty cool picture huh?

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