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Couple of updates on Christmas Eve.  Hitting newstands today is a new Sports Illustrated with a story and update on the Vick Dogs.  You can see the story HERE and a photo gallery HERE.  While we don’t have a Vick Dog we can certainly relate to everything these dogs have been through and what they can be when placed with a loving family.  Well worth the read if you have the time.  Even better, pick up a couple of copies and pass them out to your friends, then show them our blog.

One other piece of media news.  I have been asked by our local paper, The Hartford Courant, to write an Op/Ed piece about adopting a former fighting dog.  Long story how this came about, and the chances of it being published are probably small, but I’ll take the opportunity to write something and hope to spread the word about our girl!



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We got a little snow last week…..but we got some real snow on Friday.  For the first time since have had Trinity everyone had a chance to go outside an enjoy some snow.


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Before we get in too deeply, there are a couple of things you need to read first if you haven’t read them before.  It won’t take long, and will be worth the effort.


First: 100 Days
Second: For What It’s Worth

Ok, now we can move on and give you some thoughts from the last few months.  It’s been over four months since my last For What It’s Worth (FWIW).  On January 1st Trinity will celebrate 10 months with us, leading into her one year anniversary, and her 5th birthday on March 1st.  It’s not her real birthday but since we know so little about her past we decided on that day and we will celebrate every year.  I guess in dog years March 1st will make her 35, meaning I’m no longer the oldest one in the house.  But as Bella says, Daddy is in charge.  If I write that enough times I may actually believe it.

We’ve had some news since the last FWIW.  We are expecting little girl #3 in April, which will certainly liven things up in our lives if they aren’t alive enough already.   Somewhere someone has a sick sense of humor and decided to see how Dad would do raising three girls.  I like to play the part of sounding like raising three girls is a nightmare and something I’m not looking forward to, but, you know what, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love my girls with all my heart and soul and secretly (shhhh) I am excited to be having another girl.  Just don’t tell anyone, and remind me to look at this in about 12-13 years to remind me how happy I was.

Having another baby is going to provide us another opportunity to show the world what a great dog Trinity is.  Here is why.  This dog is a family dog, and no matter the scars and the past and the history and the fighting and what many feel about her and her breed, she is a family dog.  Don’t believe me?  Come on over and meet her.  She’s changed minds before and will continue to do it.  Given her past,  she is now finally where she is supposed to be, and it’s just too bad that everyone can’t see it.

Well now is your chance.  Now is your chance to follow Trinity and our family from day one (well not day one but you know what I mean).  From bringing the baby home from the hospital, to the crying, to the feeding, to the smelly diapers, to the crawling, to the first steps and beyond.  Now is your chance to watch Trinity and realize that you can have a baby and a pit bull in the same house, that they can live together, and that it can be great!  Yes it can be done, and we’ll do it, and we’ll let you in, if you like.  Just be prepared to babysit….did I mention #3 is on the way?

Moving on, I’ve been asked a few times about the blog and still get the reaction of, “You’re dog has her own website?’  From where it started to wheat it has turned into has been a long road.  Here is a little background.

I started the site for one reason, and one reason only.  To help those who brought us Trinity stay up-to-date on how she was doing.  That was it, the only reason.  It wasn’t because I thought it would be cute, or because I wanted to give Trinity a voice or because I felt left out of the blogging world.  I did it quietly so Donna from HOGPR and others could go to a simple place and see how she was doing, that was it.

What has happened to the site is pretty amazing.  It has turned educational, informative and pretty cool all at the same time.  It is a place for Donna and others to point out to people and say, see, this can be done.  It is a success story and I like telling it.  I’ll admit, I like telling people we have a pit bull.  Sometimes if just to see their reaction because I know this is a chance to educate someone, just like I had that chance to be educated.

You know what is great?  When they meet Trinity, or visit her site, and they see who she is, the words pit bull don’t always scare them away, and that is what we are about.  If we can change one mind a day then it is all worth it.

We get a lot of hits per day, from many of the same visitors, but some of the time it is new folks who have never been here before and haven’t met or seen Trinity.

That is what the site is about….and yes, my dog has her own website!  Pass it along.

Couple of updates for you.  When we got our girl in March she had some bad teeth.  And when I say bad, I mean, BAD.  Along with the bad teeth came the bad breath, and we dealt with it.  But her teeth needed to be taken care of, so last week she went to the vet and had a nice little “sandblasting” done on her mouth and she is like new.  Shiny and white.  Breath is better.  She looks spectacular.  The one down side to the trip is they had to remove one of her teeth because it was cracked in half.  Gee, wonder how that happened.  Remember, some people suck, we established that in the previous FWIW.

And as it turns out our girl is actually chubby.  Don’t believe it?  Neither did I, but her Chubby Chart says otherwise and from what they tell me there is no arguing with the Chubby Chart.  Trinity weighed in at 62 pounds when she went to the vet, and they want her around 50. I think her head alone weighs 45 so we might be in for some trouble.  That means we’re down to one cup of food at breakfast and another at dinner time, that’s it.  She didn’t take too well to it the first night and got a little whiny.  Actually, she fit right in with the other two ladies when it came to the whining!  Fortunately we didn’t have any stuffed animal casualties and a few carrots seemed to do the trick.  The cold weather isn’t helping and Dad needs to get his butt out there and do some running with the pooch so we can both get into shape.  Easier said than done.

Only 10 days ’til Christmas as I write this and it’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast.  We put our tree up and Trinity couldn’t care less.  Not sure she even knows it is there.

A lot has changed since we changed the calendar last, and that change is what makes this a pretty amazing year.  We added perhaps the greatest dog we’ve ever met into our lives and she has changed everything for us.  We are a happier, healthier, growing family and some days I need to take a step back and realize just how great everything has turned out.  I get frustrated and irritable at times, yes I know, hard to believe, but when you look at things from the outside-in, it’s hard not to realize just how amazing the ladies in my life are.  And as our family grows, and grows and grows, and the ratio gets less and less in my favor, I need to remind myself just how lucky I really am.

I’m a man among ladies, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The cold weather means one thing….Trinity finds the heating vents.  She loves the one by the front door.  Or course, sometimes she can’t just lay there alone….


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It snowed for the first time last Sunday morning so we took Trinity outside to check it out.  Not sure if she remembered what it was or not but she sure enjoyed playing in it and chasing snowballs!  Don’t forget you’re in New England now Trin, this is just the beginning of winter.


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Sophie turned 3 this week, hard to believe.  Trinity didn’t even get a chance to have cake!

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