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One of the ladies must have swiped the camera and took this picture because I don’t remember taking it, and I’m usually the one chasing after Trinity and posing her and asking her to sit still for pictures.  Either way, looks like there is some sun in this picture….won’t be long now until she will take her rightful place on the porch and we’ll be getting mail just three times a week.


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Time to think about the warmer weather (it was in the 20s here today) now that it is spring time.  So in our house that meant spending much of the afternoon in bathing suits….new suits, very fancy.  After dinner we sat everyone down for a summertime photo shoot.  Everyone look at Daddy and smile…

Let’s try again, everyone look at Daddy…

One more try, everyone look at Daddy and smile…

Thank you!

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She’s ready….what time is dinner?

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Less than a month away from Opening Day for the Sox…couple of members of Sox Nation live in our house, and they wore their new sweatshirts for the first time today.  It is 60 out today, so even these sweatshirts are a little too much for outside.  Why are they wearing them then you might ask?  Because Daddy and the ladies are having a weekend together, and Daddy was in charge of picking out clothes!


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Well, to chew on anyway….


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We post a lot about Sophie and Trinity.  Not to leave the other lady out, Bella and Trinity are great friends too.  Bella is big on giving her treats, and we went and bought a bunch for her birthday on Sunday.  Bella likes to drop the treat and see if Trinity can catch it in the air.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but always fun to watch.

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