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Got the Time?

Sure looks like it must be getting close to dinner time to me.


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I’m ready to chime in.  After reading, listening and watching just about everything that has been put out there about #7 I finally feel ready to write about it.  I wrote a little something once before, on the day he was released from prison.  You can read it HERE.  My thoughts and feelings are very much the same as they were that day.

We all agree that what he did and bankrolled was wrong.  Very wrong.  He agreed too, in his very scripted interview on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.  Of course he agreed, what did you expect him to say?  Right now he is going to say and do all the right things, because that is what he is being told to do.  I said on the day he got out of prison that he has done his time and now deserves a second chance.  I still believe this, although I’m not sure how popular that belief is.  His second chance comes with the Philadelphia Eagles, but if and when he will be able to play is still in the hands of the NFL.  I’m pretty sure you will see him by the fifth or sixth week of the season.

I don’t care to comment on why he did this.  I have no idea why.  I can’t even begin to fathom why anyone would do this.  Call it upbringing, call it greed, or it could have simply been the fact that he thought he could get away with it.  What I do care to mention is that this is something that Vick CHOSE to do.  He made the decision to kill those dogs.  No one made it for him.  That, he can never change.

Which leads me to my next point.

Because of what he did, what he chose to do, and pay for, and buy the land for, and provide the cash for, because of that, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT FROM HIM.  Just go away, and leave me and my dog alone.  Please don’t let him stand up in front of my kids and tell them not to fight dogs.  Please don’t allow him the opportunity to speak on behalf of those of us who don’t fight these dogs, and to try and explain why dog fighting is a bad thing.  Please don’t make him the poster child for this cause.  Please don’t, just don’t.

Of course, I know I’m already too late because this is what he has become.  People are actually allowing him speak in public about this, and trying to convince our kids not to fight dogs.  Don’t we have better role models than this?  Don’t we have someone who saves these dogs on an everyday basis who can speak out to our kids?  Think of it this way.  Do we want to listen to a convicted murderer tell us not to kill people?  Do you want the convicted drunk driver who killed someone telling you not to drink and drive? Come on people, we are smarter than this.  Give us more credit than to have to listen to him tell us not to fight dogs.  We know he is doing it because he has to, not because he firmly believes what he is saying.  He has shown us his true belief already, that’s how we got in this situation in the first place.

I understand that the media needs to tell the story, and that is fine, that is their job.  The media has done wonders for the rescue world during this whole process, even Sports Illustrated, which helped create the terrible image of the pit bull in the first place.  Tell the story, but please don’t tell me to listen to the words of someone who did what he did, telling me not to do the same thing.

The other quick point I made on the day he was released still  holds.  SHOW ME THE DOGS.  Show me how they are thriving, show me where they went, show me their new homes, show me the people who are saving their lives, show me the people who have donated money to help, but please, just show me the dogs.  Like CNN did here with Larry KingLike the owners of these dogs do hereLike BADRAP does here. Like Wallace and Hector do here.

Just the dogs please, just the dogs.

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The Swingset…

This is our girl’s favorite spot in the backyard.  She usually digs herself a little hole in the mulch and lays down for a little nap with the ladies slide and swing all around her.  That is Lucy’s new swing in the background.  It’s been warm the last weke or so, and Trinity has loved it.  Not pictured here is the little pool that the ladies spend a lot of time in when it gets hot outside.  Trinity has yet to make a move for the pool.  I think she perfers to lay down and pant.

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So with the nice weather in the last couple of weeks the ladies are finally able to spend more time outside, enjoying the sunny days and doing all the things that little girls do.  They ride bikes, swim in their little pool, play on their swingset, and of course, draw on the driveway and patio with sidewalk chalk.  Sidewalk chalk is a big favorite, especially when friends come over.  Most of the times it involves coloring in the bricks on the patio, which leaves for a lot of chalk in one little area.  Our girl, of course, knows right where to lie down, and in the last couple of days has managed to lie right on top of the chalk.  Last week she turned herself pink and blue, and we were able to snap a few shots.  The first day we were able to hose her off and most of it came off.  On the second day she decided to run away from the hose so she stayed pink and blue.  She doesn’t mess around when she lies in the chalk either, she puts her whole face and mout right in there, making it pretty much impossible to get it all off.  Pretty sure she is the only pit bull in the neighborhood with those markings!  Too funny.

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This is Campbell.  He needs your help.  He was found malnourished and roaming the streets, and now our good friends at Paws New England are helping to save his life.  This is a note from Paws: Campbell has had a great few weeks! He has gained some more weight and most of the blood work that was abnormal a few weeks ago has come back within normal range. We are now trying to get him a CT scan and are just shy of the money we need to raise to get him this important test. If you would consider donating just a few dollars to help us get Campbell the treatment he needs, we would be so grateful!

Check out his story HERE. If you want to donate just leave a comment below and we will email you.  Thanks.

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I think it reached almost 90 today for the first time since April, and amazingly there was no rain.  It rained 37 days in June and July and set a record as the wettest two month span since records have been kept.  Only 17+ inches of rain fell since June 1st!  It has not made for a very nice summer outside (did we mention the TREE!)  With the nice weather the ladies had some friends over today and spent the day in their little pool, and using Lucy’s new swing.  Hard to believe she is big enough to start swinging already.  This is the first official picture with the three ladies and our girl all together.  Not sure how mom got it done this afternoon, but I guess that is what moms do…what a great pic!  I’m not sure about the pose on the right by the oldest lady, but as the dad of three girls I guess this is what the future holds.  Not sure how I feel about that. I think Sophie might be closing her eyes on purpose as some sort of protest.  If you know her then you know what I mean.  She tends to be a tiny bit stubborn.  And then there is our girl, sitting pretty in the front of the picture.  Trinity likes the heat, loves it actually.  Usually she will just go outside, find the absolute hottest place in the yard, and sit there with a big smile on her face.   Gotta love her.

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