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Paws New England, one of the two rescue groups who brought us Trinity, needs our help.  If you can help at all, please donate to this cause.  Every little bit helps…just ask my ladies how much Trinity is worth it!  Click on the PICTURE below the picture to view the video appeal from the people at Paws and find out how you can make a difference.



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Best Buds…

Trinity had to spend a night at the vet a fews weeks back.  She had gotten a cut in her mouth that we didn’t notice until it was too late, and it got infected.  She had to have it drained and was on some medication for a couple of weeks.  She is good now, and back to her old self.  She is so quiet and laid back all the time that we didn’t notice anything was wrong until she stopped eating.  Then we knew for sure that something wasn’t right.  We’re not sure how it happened, but it could have something to do with all the sticks in our yard that fall from all the trees.  Sometimes she likes to chew on things and that’s probably how she got the cut in the first place.  Sophie missed her the most when she was gone on her sleepover, she was very worried about her and didn’t like having her away for the night.  No surprise, since the two of them are best buds.  Not sure what she is saying to our girl in the picture, but I’m positive she is letting her know how much she missed her when she was gone.

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Ah, the heat…

Gotta love the heating vent. Our girl has been waiting for the first day of heat. Time to take her place for the winter.

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More from the new toy

This phone is going to be trouble. Poor girl. At least I found a way to keep blogging while being so busy.

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Someone got a new toy. Poor Trin now has to dodge the iPhone!

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The Ladies…

Wow, almost a month in between posts.  Not good.  And this isn’t even a picture of the dog, just the ladies.  More Trinity pics to come….


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