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Trinity and Lucy hanging out on another rainy day.  Good news for our girl and the ladies…temps are going to hit 80 this weekend!


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Tag Sale…

Lucy trying to figure out what these things are and why she doesn’t have any.

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Don’t they all sit so nicely for the camera when they know they’re going to end up on the blog?

and check it out, someone actually reads us:

Find more dog breeds here!

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Couple of girls…

Couple of girls smiling for the camera.

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Best Picture…

Quite possibly one of the best pictures ever!

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Hard to believe it’s been two years since Trinity came to live with us. This is a remake of the video when we first saw Trinity and knew that we needed to bring her to Connecticut. Many thanks to Donna from Hearts of Gold and all the people at Paws for the work they do every day. This is a true success story, and we’re happy to spread her story every day.

This is a pic from her first day in Connecticut, following her bath after a two-day trip from Tennessee.

And don’t forget her one year video…

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